Code of Ethics

Our vision is to establish Qualitis as a reliable and strategic partner in the field of clinical research and medical consulting services always based on quality, consistency, reliability and credibility and strictly focusing on the core values that govern sustainable business development.

The General Principles which govern the operation of Qualitis and are described in our Code of Ethics, focus on the values of integrity, impartiality, healthy and sustainable entrepreneurship, professionalism, transparency, social and environmental responsibility, respect for human rights, teamwork and responsibility to comply with all current laws and regulations.

Qualitis Code of Conduct applies to the Administration/Directors and all Company Employees, including its Independent Partners, Consultants and Suppliers.

Every single one of us, without exception, makes a constant effort in order to act firstly and above all with a sense of public responsibility towards our customers and partners who trust us, our colleagues who choose us and the environment that accommodates us for our daily living and work.

Towards this direction, we all have to cooperate with respect, fairness, honesty and professionalism. In this way, we will cultivate and maintain a spirit of mutual dedication, trust and solidarity in all areas of our business activity and we will enable our company to become stronger, more competitive and sustainable in the long term.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Social/environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of sustainable business development and an integral part of Qualitis’ responsible behavior.

The principles governing our corporate social responsibility policy are:

  • Adoption of the triple bottom line with the three pillars of sustainability defined as people, planet and profit (3Ps)
  • Implementation of occupational risk prevention measures and safety and health practices in alignment with the national regulations
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Blood donation
  • Charitable donations
  • Waste management through recycling and reuse
  • Initiatives and sensitization on environmental protection
  • Selection of suppliers and partners who share a common commitment to the highest standards of integrity and ethics

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